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Pasta made with chickpeas and yellow peas

  • Choose Chickapea.

    Why? Because it feels good to eat what you love. Now there’s no reason to sacrifice convenience or taste for your health. Feel good about eating your favorite comfort food again.

    A healthy meal in minutes. Chickapea pasta has protein, fiber, iron, other important nutrients and—most importantly—taste! Our pasta is made with chickpeas. So gather your loved ones around a table, sit back and enjoy!

  • Good With Every Bite.®

    Chickapea isn’t just delicious and nutritious, it’s good for our planet and our people. We believe that everyone should have access to nutritious food and with your support, we’re making a serious impact! You make the world a better place when you choose Chickapea – just look!

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  • Pasta as your protein? Yup! Think beyond the pasta bowl and get creative with Chickapea!

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