Frequently Asked Questions

Nutrition & Certifications

What is Chickapea Pasta's nutritional info?

Our pasta is super nutritious with 23g of protein, 11g of fiber and 35% of your DRI of iron per serving! Click here to view our full nutrition information.

What ingredients is Chickapea Pasta made from?

Chickapea pasta is made with only wholesome, real ingredients. Please refer to product pages for ingredients in specific products.

Is Chickapea Gluten-Free?

Yes, Chickapea is certified gluten-free. Both lentils and chickpeas are naturally gluten free, but we also test every batch of product and produce in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

Why is Chickapea Pasta better than other gluten free pastas?

While it’s great to reduce or eliminate gluten from your diet, we think it’s even more important what you ARE eating and Chickapea is full of protein, fiber, iron, folate and all kinds of other essential nutrients. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for pastas made from rice, corn and other gluten-free ingredients.

Is Chickapea Pasta organic?

You betcha! We are certified by Oregon Tilth to meet both USDA and Canadian Organic Regime requirements.

Is Chickapea Pasta allergen-friendly?

All Chickapea pasta has been processed and packed in a certified gluten-free, allergen-free facility that does not process any known allergens, including wheat, dairy, shellfish, soy, nuts, egg, fish.

The vegan seasoning is processed in a certified gluten-free facility on an allergen-free production line.

All facilities that manufacture Chickapea products employ strict food safety protocols and have been certified and inspected by accredited 3rd party certifying bodies.

Is Chickapea Pasta Non-GMO?

Yes, Chickapea is Non-GMO Project Verified.

What are GMOs and why are they harmful?

GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering, or GE. This relatively new science creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacteria and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods. Virtually all commercial GMOs are engineered to withstand direct application of herbicide and/or to produce an insecticide. Despite biotech industry promises, none of the GMO traits currently on the market offer increased yield, drought tolerance, enhanced nutrition, or any other consumer benefit. Meanwhile, a growing body of evidence connects GMOs with health problems, environmental damage and violation of farmers’ and consumers’ rights.

Is Chickapea Pasta kosher?

Yes, we are certified kosher by COR (Kashruth Council of Canada)

Is Chickapea Pasta Vegan?

The following products are Vegan: Chickapea Spirals, Chickapea Penne, Chickapea Shells, Chickapea Elbows, Chickapea Spaghetti, Chickapea Linguine, Chickapea Lasagna, Chickapea One Pot Masala Magic.

Does Chickapea Pasta expire?

While Chickapea doesn’t have an expiration date, like most dried pastas, it tastes best if eaten by the Best By date. Chickapea’s shelf life is 30 months.

Cooking, Taste, Texture & Digestion

What’s the best way to cook Chickapea pasta?

Like most pastas, it’s best to cook Chickapea in a big pot, full of boiling, salted water. The more space the pasta has to move around, the better. This will also reduce foaming. Once water is boiling, reduce to a boil over medium heat. Also, depending how you enjoy your pasta, check the texture around the 5 or 6-minute boiling mark and go from there. We find shorter cooking times are best for pasta salads and pesto sauces while a softer mouth feel is nice with tomato bases… but that’s just us. Shells take slightly less time (6-8 min) than Spirals and Penne (7-8 min). Spaghetti (7-8 min) and Linguine (6-8 min). The Vegan Mac pasta takes 5-6 minutes and follow the directions on the package for the sauce.

Does Chickapea actually taste like pasta?

Yup! In fact, we think it tastes better, but we’ll let you be the judge. Chickapea Pasta has a smooth texture and tasty, mild flavor. Covered in sauce, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Does Chickapea get mushy like other gluten free pastas?

The simple answer is no. Chickapea will not fall to pieces or turn to mush if slightly overcooked. It holds it’s shape and texture very well, especially if cooked in lots of water (16 cups per box) so it has space to move while cooking. As with any pasta, it will however get softer with time so we encourage you to taste for texture around the 5 to 6 minute boiling mark and go from there.

Why does the water get a bit foamy while cooking?

When cooked, beans release a naturally occurring nutrient compound called saponins, which produce a stable foam. You can simply skim off the foam, which some people believe helps with digestion, or add a bit of olive oil while boiling. Cooking the pasta in a large pot with lots of water (we recommend 16 cups) will also help reduce the foam.

Why is Chickapea so filling?

Our pasta is so high in protein and fiber that you don’t need to eat nearly as much as you would regular pasta, and it will sustain you much longer too. If you’re not used to eating very high fiber foods, we suggest starting with a small amount of pasta or you may experience the magical fruit effect that comes with eating a bowl of beans!

What’s a serving size of Chickapea?

According to our package and labelling guidelines, a serving size is 100 g, but most people don’t need quite that much. Our pasta is so high in protein and fiber that you don’t need to eat nearly as much as you would regular pasta, and it will sustain you much longer too.

Shipping FAQs

Where do you ship to?

We ship throughout Canada and the US including non-continental territories and states.

How much does it cost to ship?

We now offer FREE shipping on all orders! Some more remote or non-continental locations may incur additional shipping charges due to increased costs from our fulfillment partner.

How long do I typically have to wait to receive my order?

Orders typically take 5 – 7 business days but please be patient during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shipping delays are common due to the high demand on fulfillment and shipping companies and social distancing protocols. We appreciate your understanding. 

What is your return/refund policy?


We are committed to excellent customer service. If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will do our best to provide you with a solution. In order for us to provide the best customer service for you, we require the following information in order to process customer service requests:

(i) lot number (which is on the bottom of the box);

(ii) place of purchase; and

(iii) photographs of the product and packaging.

Please email us directly at so we can walk you through the process and make it right.

Please do not send your goods back to us as several types of goods (including pasta) are exempt from being returned. Returned items will NOT be accepted and you will be responsible for all associated shipping, handling and customs charges.


If you received a damaged product or the product is otherwise faulty after ordering it from our online store, we will provide a store credit for our online store for the damaged items with photographic proof of damage. In order to make a warranty claim for your purchase, please contact us at Warranty replacements will be shipped to you free of charge via standard shipping.