Top Ten Facts about Chickpeas

  1. The oldest chickpea was discovered in a cave in L’Abeurador, France dating back to 6790 BC.
  2. Out of java? Try chickpeas. Chickpea coffee was first discovered in 1793 and adopted in areas of Germany in WWI.
  3. To increase their virility: chickpeas were fed to Roman stallions.
  4. The Ancient Romans believed that chickpeas were a gift from the Goddess Venus to help with fertility.
  5. Not just for meal time: Add some protein punch to your sweets, by indulging in a chickpea dessert.
  6. In traditional Jewish birth celebrations like Shalom Zakhar, chickpeas are consumed as they represent the circle of life.
  7. Out of eggs? The brine from chickpeas can be used as an egg white replacement to make meringue.
  8. Fight wrinkles, age spots and even acne with a chickpea flour topical paste.
  9. Want to sleep like a baby? Try a bowl of chickpeas. The tryptophan and serotonin in chickpeas help with a good night’s sleep while keeping a smile on your face.
  10. Wash that dandruff right out of your hair with a gentle chickpea flour rinse.