Chickapea's First Month - A Birth Announcement

Chickapea Pasta has finally arrived! I am so proud to share that after a full year of product development, our delicious, nutritious pasta has found its home in stores and kitchens across the country!

As with any start up, my team and I experienced just about every challenge imaginable. We learned very quickly that creating a tasty pasta from just 2 high-protein and gluten-free ingredients, is not easy. I refused to settle for a mediocre product even when people said things like, “no one has high expectations of a gluten-free pasta” or “people are used to healthy foods tasting different.” How can we expect people, especially our children, to choose healthier foods when they taste like paste? Healthy does not equal suffering or sacrifice!

Food is emotional; it’s tied to traditions and memories, and there’s no good reason why the foods we love can’t also contribute to our health. Pasta is an all-time family favourite – it’s delicious, comforting, versatile, easy and convenient. As a mom, I am painfully aware of what it takes to put a meal on the table that everyone will actually eat. As both a business owner and a mom, finding time to both prepare healthy meals and spend quality time with my family is a daily battle I fight, and I know I’m not alone.

In just one month, Chickapea is accomplishing its mission: making it easier and more enjoyable for people to eat healthy. It’s with great pride that I share just a few bits of feedback we’ve received in the past few weeks:

This message we received from a mom in Barrie is my absolute favourite. Sarah and all the moms like Sarah are the reasons behind the creation of Chickapea. This message makes all the start-up struggles worth it:

Hi there! I just wanted to send a quick thank you for creating this pasta!! I always made all of my daughte’rs food from scratch but going back to work has made it impossible. On top of not always being able to make every dinner from scratch, my daughter refused to eat meat (I’m a veg, but never pushed that on my daughter). Our go to was always red lentils but it gets boring and she loves pasta. It is so hard to find a healthy pasta to give her and she hasn’t been eating much at all lately. I work in an entrepreneurship program, heard about this pasta and I was lucky enough to find some today. We tried it for the first time tonight and My daughter ate the whole bowl, then wanted a bit more! What a relief! Healthy and local…amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here’s another great story shared by a woman in Collingwood:

At The REAL Food Market with my grandma who’s from Winnipeg. She’s stocking up on Chickapea Pasta to take back home as she cannot have gluten….she says Chickapea Pasta is by far the BEST TASTING pasta she has ever eaten!! and she has tried it all. Now we just have to figure out how to get it to her in Winnipeg….
(Yes she bought 4 packs to hide in her suitcase)

Finally here’s a note from Shelby Worts, a well-known Naturopathic Doctor in Collingwood:

Shelby, it’s a hit! And just like Kathleen’s household, the guy likes it too. 🙂 It cooked beautifully in the time it took to warm olive oil, garlic, smoked tomatoes, and kale & basil from our Tower Garden. Thank you for producing this satisfying and healthy product! [Yep, this was breakfast.]

To everyone who has supported Chickapea, THANK YOU. I wish there were bigger words, but none could truly express the gratitude I have for being able to pursue my dream.

With love, from my family to yours,